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// Casey Golden


Born and raised in Australia and currently based in London, pianist and composer Casey Golden started studying classical piano at the age of 5. From a musical family, he was exposed to a wide variety of music throughout his childhood through his mother’s vast record collection and in attending gigs of his other family members. He became interested in pursuing music seriously after winning a BBM jazz award at the age of 17.

Casey has been the leader of his own trio since 2010 and has built a strong connection with bandmates Bill Williams (bass) and Ed Rodrigues (drums) over their years together. This band have toured consistently and built a reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the Australian scene. They have released three recordings, the most recent of which, the through-composed EP ‘Miniature’ (2016), received great reviews in Australia, the UK and the USA. Based on the achievements of this group, Casey was a finalist for both Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year and for an APRA Professional Development Award.

Casey also leads/co-leads several groups in the UK including a London-based quartet and a duo with harp guitarist, Tony Barnard. Both projects have new releases coming in 2018.

As a sideman, Casey also plays with a number of other original bands including the Energetic Zen Quartet, Hannah James’s HATCH, Phillip Johnston’s Adventures of Prince Achmed, singer-songwriter Nick Kingswell and the Ed Rodrigues Band.

Besides improvised music projects and sideman work, Casey co-leads the electronic/prog project This Week in the Universe.




‘It is rare that a musical vision is so complete, and completely of its own world.’ Australianjazz.net

‘Golden further cements his reputation as a pianist of sheer class.’ Jazzwise (UK)

‘Golden's flowing lines unfold with a Bach-like logic.’ Ian Patterson - All About Jazz (US)

‘a soaring imagination at work - 4 stars’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Enjoyable, intriguing and stimulating... Casey Golden would appear to be one of the brightest and most original young talents on the Australian jazz scene.’ The Jazz Mann (UK)

‘..so damn absorbing.’ Bird is the Worm (US)

‘The album ends with a few magical notes like a musical box closing. You will want to open it again and again to experience the class and exuberance of this very talented and mature trio.’ London Jazz News (UK)

‘EP’s are usually something an artist might put out to fill a void until a proper album is ready, but there’s nothing half-baked or transitory about Miniature. If anything, this affirms the Casey Golden Trio’s commitment to shake things up a bit with fresh approaches. The E.S.T. from Down Under? It’s sounding more like they are.’ Something Else! (US)

‘Dandy sitting down jazz, this crew knows their stuff.’ Midwest Record (US)

‘all tracks display a very intelligent approach to writing music, the art of knowing how not to overdo melodies or to clutter works of art.’ Jazzviews (UK)

'A trio that clearly don’t live in the past.' Marlbank (UK)

‘it’s nice to know the art of jazz piano composition is in good hands with Casey Golden.’ Music Web Express 3000 (US)

'Golden’s orchestrations wrest as much colour and variation out of the trio as one could conceivably hope for within the context.' The Music Trust (AU)

‘The level of interaction and cohesion from this three-piece outshines many in this field.’ UK Vibe

‘The compositions are effective and the group seems to be always developing their ideas, moving forward within the structures and giving a satisfying sense of progression and story telling.’ Jazz Australia

‘Contemporary chamber jazz from Australia may not be a phrase I've ever typed before, but I'm guessing that with Casey Golden Trio in the house, we may be talking about it again.’ Sea of Tranquility (UK)

'high-talent & high-energy.' Improvijazzation Nation (US)

‘The piano trio can be one of the great satisfactions, with its potential for intellectual interest, rhythmic excitement and harmonic colour play. This is one of the leaders in this field here in Australia and, I would imagine, in international forums.’ Loud Mouth (AU)

‘Golden may be the best thing to come out of Australia since, er, since, er, since Bradman's 1948 test team!’ Bebop Spoken Here (UK)

‘a lovely performance, more involving than the title "Miniature" implies.’ Mark Sullivan – All About Jazz (US)

‘Here’s a band that plays music of utter seriousness and the achievement shows, proud but never conceited. This is art as it’s made in modern Australia: unpretentious but skilled, informed and deeply serious.’ Canberra Jazz Blog (AU)

‘…an almost seamless blend of composition and improvisation and little sense at all of the head/impro/head tradition of most modern jazz.’  BMA Magazine











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